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Project scope
It's important to us that your project is delivered as smoothly as possible. We make time at the outset to ensure all parties are on the same page in terms of layout, typography, website flow, features, interactions and payment structure. We want to make sure that we minimise the gaps left to fill during the later stages.
File supply
Whether you design in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch, we can work with your existing files to ensure an easy handover process with a high-level of accuracy and attention to detail. If you're at full capacity or don't have internal web design expertise, our award-winning design team can take your existing brand assets and design your website end-to-end.
Front-end responsive
We pride ourselves in being able to translate your layout, typography and grid system to web with precision and care. We work together with your team to bring your website to life with tastefully chosen interactions.
Back-end development
Once front-end development is complete, we integrate your website into a best-in-class content management system to give you and your clients full control. Our preferred CMS is Craft or Shopify for e-commerce but our experienced technical team can work across almost any platform.
We test extensively across all device types, sizes, and browsers to ensure that your website displays as it should, regardless of medium.
Training & support
We then provide you a straightforward CMS training session to ensure you have full confidence using your new website. We're always available to provide additional support while you are uploading content to address questions and iron out any issues.
SEO & Analytics
We ensure your new website is built with SEO fundamentals in mind. We also setup Tag Manager or Google Analytics so that you can see that your website performing as intended.
Hosting & maintenance
Depending on how you want to proceed, we can host the website and maintain the servers or hand it over to you and your technical team. If you're expecting high spikes in traffic, we can build scalable solutions and scale the infrastructure on AWS.
Our websites (we have built) have been recognised by the following publications and awards programs
Site Inspire
CSS Design Awards
Best Awards
AGDA Awards
The Gallery
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